DJ Moore realizes that Chicago Bears quarterback change might be coming

Will DJ Moore continue to shine regardless of who the Chicago Bears' starting quarterback is? Find out his thoughts on the potential changes and the team's locker room support.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Chicago Bears wide receiver DJ Moore has been one of the loudest supporters of quarterback Justin Fields in recent months, and that has led money to speculate what the reaction would be from Moore and the Bears' locker room in the event that the team decides to make a change at the quarterback position.

As with some of the nonsensical speculation regarding trade conspiracies with the Washington Commanders, the idea that Moore would become disgruntled with the Bears if Fields is traded never had any merit.

That is why, in his latest support for Fields, Moore did leave the door open that he could have a different starting quarterback with the Bears next season. Moore spoke with Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times, and while he did voice support for Fields, he confirmed that he would still make plays for the team regardless of who the quarterback is.

" “I don’t get paid to make that decision. I just go out there and make as many plays as I can for the quarterback that’s back there, as I’ve shown this year. But it’d be nice to see Justin stay.”"

DJ Moore via Chicago Sun Times

The locker room's support of Fields should not factor into the calculus for the decision that general manager Ryan Poles has to make this off-season. Fields is the current starting quarterback of the Bears, and there remains the possibility that he could be the team's starting quarterback next season. Therefore, as a way to not cause any friction, that is the reason there has been unwavering support from the locker room for Fields.

That is also the reason why there will be support for Caleb Williams or a rookie quarterback to be named later if there is a change at the quarterback position for the Bears in a couple of months. The Bears' players are going to support whoever is under center, and that is the only thing that matters in terms of the locker room playing a factor in the decision.

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