The dream NFL Draft scenario for the Chicago Bears if they keep Justin Fields

If the Chicago Bears keep Justin Fields this offseason, then this would be the dream scenario for Ryan Poles.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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If the Chicago Bears decide to keep Justin Fields, it appears it would make most of the locker room happy. Multiple teammates have spoken up defending Fields to the media and making it known that they'd prefer Fields over a rookie draft pick. Ryan Poles has work cut out for him this offseason.

Thankfully, it does appear that the chances of Poles completely screwing this situation up are slim. Trading Fields and drafting Caleb Williams, the draft prospect everyone has been googly-eyed over for the last two years, would make a large portion of the fan base happy.

In the alternative, keeping Justin Fields and trading the first-overall pick for even a bigger haul than received last season from the Panthers would bring joy to a majority of the rest of the fan base. It's almost as if Poles is in a win-win situation.

For the sake of this hypothetical situation, let's look at what a perfect dream scenario would look like in the 2024 NFL Draft should Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears elect to keep Justin Fields.

I am still working through the 2024 NFL Draft prospects. As always, I have been heavily focused on positions I feel are important needs for the Bears. The 2023 roster was clearly better than the 2022 roster. Four more wins than last season help prove it. However, even Ryan Poles said that the roster was only 75% to 80% from where it needs to be. To help fill those needs, Poles will look to add more draft capital with a trade down from one.

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