5 dream scenarios for Chicago Bears in 2023

If some of the best case outcomes turned out to be true for the Chicago Bears, what would they be?

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Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds
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4. The Chicago Bears have the best linebacker duo in the NFL

One of the biggest surprises this offseason was how much the Chicago Bears invested in the linebacker room. When they moved on from Roquan Smith, the thought was that they would use the coaching they had to make the most out of some value linebackers.

Then, they brought in Tremaine Edmunds and T.J. Edwards. Edmunds got less than Smith but still saw a big-time payday. So, for the money invested, they better be near the top. However, the dream is that they are the best and change the game.

What helps with both of them is that they are both great coverage linebackers but also play well off of each other. For example, Edmunds is huge and stays in the middle, so his reach and size fill passing lanes. On the flip side, Edwards is reactive and runs sideline-to-sideline to chase dump-off passes and quick plays to the flats. Between them, they take the middle and the sides.

The Bears did not add enough on the edge, but if their back end is shut down in coverage, it could buy enough time for the team to get their sacks. These two linebackers changing the entire defense is the dream.