5 dream scenarios for Chicago Bears in 2023

If some of the best case outcomes turned out to be true for the Chicago Bears, what would they be?

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Kyler Gordon, Chicago Bears
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3. The Chicago Bears get a massive breakout from Kyler Gordon

After such a nightmare start to his career, some Chicago Bears are ready to write off Kyler Gordon. However, as we noted, if the Chicago Bears pass defense turns around, it will be the back end improving and not the front. This is where Kyler Gordon needs to step up.

He was a former second-round pick, and many players in his situation struggled as rookies, then came back and performed well in their careers. Gordon may also be in a better situation because he is sticking to the slot this year. Some will say his stats were worse in the slot last year, but he was moving around so much it is hard to compare.

Beyond that, while the Bears did not do enough for their pass rush, it is still improved, especially from the interior. Any seconds that Kyler Gordon can be spared will help his coverage grades.

So, if you combine the fact that the situation may make life easier, and his play might improve on its own, we can still expect a big increase in performance. A massive jump would be everything Bears fans are dreaming of.