4 duds in the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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3. Cole Kmet had zero yards in the Chicago Bears win

After five weeks, it was looking like Cole Kmet was going to have a career year. He was the clear number two behind D.J. Moore, and Justin Fields had a lot of trust in him. Now, he has gone two games with just nine yards. That is a drop from 46.2 yards per game to just 4.5 yards per game. Talk about a fall. Some of this makes sense.

We have seen Tyler Scott emerge the minute that Tyson Bagent set foot in the lineup. All of the practice time this summer, when Cole Kmet and Justin Fields were going over things, Tyson Bagent was working out with Tyler Scott. Beyond that, Darnell Mooney is looking healthier, so the team is getting more out of their wide receivers. That is a good thing, but now we need to see Cole Kmet continue his pace from before so that it all comes together.

Kmet should still be able to earn targets, and the matchups were not good enough for him to get blanked that hard. Will Tyson Bagent be able to get on the same page as Cole Kmet, or will he only get back to his career-high pace when Justin Fields returns?