4 duds in the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Tyrique Stevenson
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2. The Chicago Bears are lucky Tyrique Stevenson was not picked on more

Tyrique Stevenson was clearly the person of interest for the Las Vegas Raiders. He ended up with a few strong reps against Davante Adams, and after allowing four catches in the first quarter, he held Adams in check the rest of the game. Still, overall Stevenson allowed ten catches for 78 yards, including a touchdown to Jakobi Meyers. Adams also was wide open for a touchdown against Stevenson, but the quarterback missed him, and the ball went off of his fingertips.

The Raiders' game plan was to match up Adams on Stevenson and attack him. However, after a drive or two, when they got out of their scripted plays, they ended up getting away from that game plan. Stevenson always plays the field side, so teams can know where to line up their receivers to target him.

The Raiders got him matched up with Tre Tucker and Meyers for catches, but they got away from Adams after the initial gameplan. No wonder he came out angry to the media.

The combination of quarterback and play calling saved Stevenson from this day being similar to the Buccaneers game.