Ranking 3 best edge rushers Chicago Bears must sign in free agency

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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When you look at the Chicago Bears roster, they really need to continue to address the defensive line and right tackle. It is almost impossible to find a veteran tackle now, so they are shifting toward picking one in the top ten.

If they do not draft an edge rusher in the top ten, they really need to continue to find solutions in free agency. They can still go that way in the draft, but they have to hit the position in both areas. The pickings are slim, and they are not going to find an easy answer.

3. Chicago Bears should have interest in Rasheem Green

Rasheem Green is definitely a player to keep your eyes on. We know that Ryan Poles like to bet on free agents who may still have their best play ahead of them. Green is 25 today, and will be 26 next season. He is the youngest of any potential impact free-agent.

Still, he has five years of NFL experience. He was slow to come on for Seattle, but was still the age of most college students. He picked up a bit in 2021 and then signed with the Texans in 2022. He flew under the radar because the Texans are not a team you watch every week.

However, if you stack up his production against any Chicago Bears rusher, he is the best one. He is now at the time in free agency where there is not going to be a big deal lurking. So, the Bears could come in over the top with an extra million or so, and get the deal done. They would add a young rusher who is better than anything they had. Why not?