ESPN is already putting Caleb Williams on a historic pedestal

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Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It feels like the Caleb Williams hype has finally reached cruising altitude. Despite some shaky OTA reports (he'll learn from it!! shut up!!), Williams has consistently been talked about as the Prince Who Was Promised, the next great quarterback hope who will finally bring glory to Chicago.

And this time, it's not all that hyperbolic. I mean, it still definitely is, but it's just not as unwarranted as it's been in the past. But every once in a while, someone writes something about Williams that *should* make Bears fans a little nervous. Like, for instance, ESPN – the worldwide leader published a weirdly-specific article this week titled, "Ranking NFL rookie QB supporting casts of past 30-plus years." And guess who won? That definitely doesn't make Bears fans nervous at all!

ESPN is already putting Caleb Williams on a historic pedestal

Here's (some of) their rationale:

"Yes, Williams easily has the best situation of any quarterback chosen No. 1, at least since 1980. In my value estimates, the difference between the Bears' skill players and the 2009 Lions is roughly the same as the gap between the Lions and the No. 12 team (Jeff George and the 1990 Colts)."

They go on to make all the obvious points about DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, Rome Odunze, and Cole Kmet. They even give the Bears' offensive line a shoutout. Some fans may be stoked to hear that their generationally-talented QB prospect is coming into the best situation of the last three decades, but not Bears fans! The neurosis is too strong for that.

One day after Caleb Williams has won Super Bowls and made All-Pro teams and has a statue outside of whatever stadium they end up building, Bears fans will probably feel comfortable taking a deep breath and acknowledging that he had one of the best setups in the last 50 years. But until then, it's just going to be a lot of nervous energy. Football is so fun!