ESPN lists one sole reason why Bears didn't have perfect 2024 offseason

Classic East Coast bias at it again.
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It's been a capital-o offseason for the Bears. There was the Caleb Williams pick, the Rome Odunze pick, the Keenan Allen trade, and that whole punter thing. They've basically been the talk of the NFL offseason for the second straight year, and expectations for the season are about as high as they've been around Chicago in a half decade or longer. Surely nothing will go wrong.

But despite all the drastic moves, some people on the internet aren't ready to crown them just yet. For the very first time in recorded history, the web has an opinion that Bears fans won't agree with. It's a huge day for us all.

ESPN recently handed out offseason grades, which is weird because it seems like they've been doing that for two months already. But they gave people content to aggregate, so who's really complaining? Besides me. And that's only because ESPN was so close to giving the Bears a perfect offseason grade, and nothing's more important than winning the offseason. But one single thing is keeping the Bears from perfection:

ESPN lists one sole reason why Bears didn't have perfect 2024 offseason

Chicago Bears: B+

Move ESPN disliked: Signing RB D'Andre Swift for $14 million fully guaranteed

"I didn't love the way the Bears rushed to sign Swift for $14 million fully guaranteed when he was coming off a season when he recorded minus-65 rush yards over expectation, per NFL Next Gen Stats. The Bears cut guard Cody Whitehair -- who signed with the Raiders on an inexpensive deal -- despite him finishing sixth in pass block win rate last season."

Fair enough. The Swift move was a little odd, for more than a couple reasons. But the Bears had to make a splash! And nothing's splashier than big contracts for running backs that no one's really sold on. Not everything has to be about "making the team better." Sometimes you have to sign someone for the content, and the Bears did just that. To me, that's a perfect offseason.