Top 5 reasons to get excited for Chicago Bears in 2023

Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
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As we get ready for the long offseason heading into the NFL season there is plenty for Chicago Bears fans to get excited about. While some teams who end up picking first overall cannot say the same, it is easy to see a quick turnaround, and even easier to see optimism for the future.

So, looking directly into next season, what are five things that Chicago Bears fans have to be excited about?

5. Chicago Bears finally gave Justin Fields the right pieces to succeed

Justin Fields did not win many games for the Chicago Bears last season, but even the fans who are quick to point that out have to admit that he was an electric playmaker at times last season as well. There is reason to be concerned, but there were too many questions when a day three rookie is at left tackle, a shuffling door is on the right side, and they could not find any consistent pass catchers.

Now, the left side should see Braxton Jones take a step forward from an up-and-down rookie season. They upgrade the right tackle to top-ten pick Darnell Wright.

They also added D.J. Moore. While Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool were on the team last season Claypool came late, and Mooney got banged up, so neither of them played much together, and for Claypool, he barely played with Fields.

So, the trio of Moore, Claypool, and Mooney is not even comparable to anything he had to deal with before that. They lost David Montgomery, but between D'onta Forem and Roschon Johnson, fans would even agree that is a wash, or a lean to the Bears upgrading.

Lastly, they even added Robert Tonyan, to keep depth and talent at all spots. It is a lot easy to get excited about what could happen next season thinking that it is not just an upgrade at wide receiver or offensive line, but possibly across the entire offense.