Top 5 reasons to get excited for Chicago Bears in 2023

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Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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3. Could DJ Moore be the next AJ Brown?

When the Chicago Bears traded for D.J. Moore everybody shot straight to the old comparisons. Justin Fields has been compared to both Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts. Fans have noted that the big move that took both over the edge was Stefon Diggs and A.J. Brown being acquired via trade. Now, as history repeats itself, D.J. Moore is on the Chicago Bears.

Could he really be the next A.J. Brown who ignited Fields into Jalen Hurts' status? It is possible. The numbers between Brown with the Titans and Moore with the Panthers are closer than you think. Beyond that, the fit between the Chicago Bears and D.J. Moore is also better than you may realize.

Moore is one of the best deep ball trackers and catchers in the NFL. Not many players had more of their yards come from the deep ball. On the flip side, Justin Fields throws the deep ball as much as any of the top quarterbacks. That is his best trait.

The scheme fit is perfect, and players are both expected to be ascending at the right time, and it gives the Chicago Bears depth at wide receiver. The impact Moore has on Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney cannot be understated as he pushed them down the totem pole.

Fans have to be excited about the possibility of a connection between these two that lasts into the long future. Is this the move that launches the career for Justin Fields, and is D.J. Moore about to become a star player?