Top 5 reasons to get excited for Chicago Bears in 2023

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2. Luke Getsy has a chance to expand his offense

One of the biggest issues through the first six weeks of the NFL season was that Luke Getys was calling an offense more like his quarterback was Trevor Siemian than it was Justin Fields. He did not utilize the quarterback mobility at all and wanted Fields to be a precision pocket passer. it did not work.

The Chicago Bears' faith in Justin Fields stems from his play after Luke Getsy adjusted the offense against the New England Patriots. It caught the Patriots by surprise, and while it led to excitement for fans, it did not lead t many wins from there.

Now, the question is what can Luke Getsy cook up after a full offseason? It is clear that he was not all the way invested in Fields last offseason, but after adjusting things mid-way through the season, Fields won them over.

Now, he has to use this full offseason to make the most out of Fields. He has far more pieces than he had last season as well. For coming up with things on the fly, it was a pretty good job, but the Chicago Bears need to see more from him to last over the course of the season. How can he use the legs of Justin Fields to draw defenders in, and create big plays down the field in the passing game? This is what we need to see this season.

It is fair for fans to have optimism and excitement at the idea of Getsy spending this whole offense designing the correct offense around his quarterback.