5 things we finally saw when Chicago Bears beat Carolina Panthers

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The Chicago Bears moved to 3-7 with a 16-13 win over the Carolina Panthers. The game is a rare double win for a team out of the playoff hunt that got to win and improve their draft stock since they have the Panthers' pick.

We not only finally got to see the double-win, but we also saw a lot of things from the Bears that fans have been waiting for. 

5. The Chicago Bears secondary was finally healthy 

The Chicago Bears secondary was supposed to be their strength. Through nine weeks we have not seen that. Their starting five of Tyrique Stevenson, Kyler Gordon, Eddie Jackson, Jaquan Brisker, and Jaylon Johnson started just three games together, including week 10. 

Entering week 10, they played just 41 snaps together. That is 27 snaps in week one before Kyler Gordon got hurt and 14 snaps in week six before Eddie Jackson got hurt. Gordon did not return until week six, Jackson missed weeks three through five, and weeks seven and eight.

More than that, Jaquan Brisker had been in and out of the line up and missed week eight and nine. Jaylon Johnson missed week four and five, and Tyrique Stevenson left two games with an injury. 

Thursday was the first time that we saw their starting five from the preseason start the game and finish the game. Bryce Young had just 185 yards, and Michael Strachan led the team with just 45 yards.  

Jaquan Brisker took a little to get adjusted, but once he shook the rust off, the secondary looked like the strength we thought that it would. 

If you are optimistic about the Chicago Bears in the second half of the season, it starts with the secondary. The performance that they showed Thursday night helps your case.