5 things we finally saw when Chicago Bears beat Carolina Panthers

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Chicago Bears Offseason Workout, Braxton Jones
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2. The Chicago Bears finally got a full game from Braxton Jones

We have been waiting for the return of Braxton Jones since he was placed on the IR in week two. Jones has had penalty issues, but the upgrade he brings over Larry Borom is hard to state. 

Jones returned from the IR last week, and while he started, he did not play a full game. He played just 74% of the snaps. Larry Borom played a few drives, and one of the drives he played resulted in a strip sack.

Now, the Bears got a full game from Jones. Considering he will have the extra days off, we are about to see seven more games of Jones. This is a big season for the Chicago Bears to learn what they have in Jones. 

So far, he looks like he deserves another season starting at left tackle. He looked good in the first game that he started and finished since week two. However, that is still up for debate over the rest of the year,