5 things we finally saw when Chicago Bears beat Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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1. Matt Eberflus finally won a one-score game 

 Entering the season, Matt Eberflus was 1-9 in one-score games. To be fair, this was only the fifth time that Eberfus has won with the Chicago Bears. So, he is 3-13 in games that are not decided by two scores. Still, it is pretty telling that Eberflus is not able to get any of the swing games. He finally got one. 

When the Chicago Bears allowed a punt return for a touchdown, to Imhir Smith-Marsette of all people, you had to think that it was not the Bears night; when the Bears had a false start during a field goal, you all thought that the next kick would be missed. 

When Bryce Young started to drive in the fourth quarter, you all thought the Bears would blow it, or at the very least, the game was heading into overtime. 

Next. 3 Bears primed to breakout in the second half. 3 Bears primed to breakout in the second half. dark

The Chicago Bears finally did not blow a lead, or come up short in the fourth quarter. The defense got a stop and forced a long kick that was not close to going in. The offense completed a big pass for a first down to ice the game. We finally saw what the Bears win a close game under Matt Eberflus.