Finding an answer for the biggest need remaining for the Chicago Bears

This is a need that the Chicago Bears must address.
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As the Chicago Bears head into training camp in 2024 they have one of their better rosters since the 2018 run to the playoffs. The holes are limited, and while there is always a training camp competition or two, there is nothing glaring as a huge problem. 

One thing that will be a question is who the third edge rusher will be. The Bears obviously have Montez Sweat and he is the best rusher on the team. His presence changed everything last season. 

However, the number two is DeMarcus Walker, and he was arguably better as the number three last year. Walker can slide inside on pass rush downs and that is how he created a lot of his production for the Tennessee Titans.

Is the Chicago Bears third edge rusher on the roster?

Last year, the team had Yannick Ngakoue, this year, it is Jacob Martin, or potentially the rookie Austin Booker rounding out the group as the third. 

The issue with Martin is that he played 453 snaps in the past two seasons after playing 700 snaps in 2021. His production has obviously dropped off, and younger rushers are beating him for these snaps. 

Speaking of snaps, one of the big issues with Austin Booker is his lack of playing time throughout his college career. There are also the reality that he is a bit underweight for a typical edge rusher, and he is going to get tested in the run game when he is on the field. 

This may lead to the third option, other. The Bears third edge rusher may not be as the roster currently. They did not sign Ngakoue until they got to training camp and the same thing could happen this year. Ngakoue is one of a couple of free agents who could be signed in the next month and wind up not only in the top three, but potentially the top two at times.