These 5 former Chicago Bears being free agents still is telling

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Chicago Bears, Al-Quadin Muhammad
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3. Al-Quadin Muhammad was a dud from the start

When the Chicago Bears signed Byron Pringle, it felt like Ryan Poles being biased and siding with a player that he knew from his past team. When the Chicago Bears signed Al-Quadin Muhammad, it was the same thought, but with Matt Eberflus signing a former Indianapolis Colts player.

You could probably argue that the Muhammad signing ended up worse than the Pringle signing. At least with Pringle, you can blame injuries. With Muhammad, he was a disappointment on the field from the jump. He was taking playing time away from Trevis Gipson and Dominique Robinson, and considering both of them are still on the roster now; it is clear they deserved the experience.

Still, Eberflus stuck with his guy. The Chicago Bears cut Muhammad, but they did so well before free agency to let him get a jump on the market. The fact that AQM is not signed at this point is a clear indictment of his play.

So, while fans think the team has an edge rusher problem this year, their starter last year is in a spot where nobody is even calling him, and he is looking for anywhere to catch on.

Eberflus drafted him in the sixth round, and Eberflus pushed him up the depth chart with the Colts. Then, he signed him with Chicago. Now that Eberflus is not in his corner, who is? So far, no one has.