Former Chicago Bears kicker lands a head coaching job

Chicago Bears, Robbie Gould
Chicago Bears, Robbie Gould / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

We have heard from former Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould multiple times since he retired from football. One thing he has said on more than one occasion is how he thinks of Chicago as his home. Well, now Gould has another reason to stick around the Chicagoland area. He has taken the job of head coach of the Rolling Meadows High School team per multiple sources.

Rolling Meadows is coming off of a horrible 2-7 season with only one win inside the conference. It somewhat reminds me of the 3-14 Chicago Bears in 2022, although I cannot imagine a high school program being rebuilt in the same way as a professional team. That said, the school moved on from their former coach and hired Robbie Gould to replace him. Can Gould somehow change the culture and inspire the players to play harder on game day and work harder in practice during the weeks leading up to games? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Maybe Robbie Gould can turn to one of his former teammates, Jason McKie for advice. McKie, along with some help from other former Bears, is the head coach at Carmel. McKie has turned things around since his first season as head coach. Carmel only won one game in McKie's first season as head coach. That was a shortened season during COVID-19. However, the team went 2-8 in 2019 before McKie was hired. In his second season, Carmel improved to 3-6, followed by a 7-4 season that included a playoff appearance. Last year, McKie helped lead the Corsairs to a 10-2 season.


I'm not sure how much a kicker needs to know when it comes to running an offense and a defense, but being around some of the best minds and players in the NFL is sure to help. There is a bit of a difference between Gould compared to McKie though. Rolling Meadows is a public school and Carmel is private. Gould doesn't have the ability to recruit any players outside of the school's student body. This will be a high school football storyline to keep an eye on.