3 former Chicago Bears players who won't be missed in 2023

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Chicago Bears, Angelo Blackson
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1. Angelo Blackson remains unsigned after an awful season with the Chicago Bears

Angelo Blackson was one of the huge disappointments from last season. To be fair, what he was signed for and what he was being asked to do last season were completely different things. Ryan Pace signed him and the thought was that he would back up guys like Bilal Nichols and Akiem Hicks in a rotation.

With Ryan Poles he was asked to take on a bigger workload, and play a different role. Neither one added up to success. By the end of the season the Chicago Bears essentially phased him out and let him hang on the inactive list until the year was done.

Still, he finished with 393 snaps last season. Most of those were early in the season. Now, he is not signed and it will take him a while to find a new home.

The Chicago Bears completely revamped that interior defensive line room. They drafted Zacch Pickens and Gervon Dexter, and they signed Andrew Billings. They even have Travis Bell from round seven as some depth. When you add in Justin Jones, the only name to return, they have plenty of depth and it is hard to see them missing someone like Blackson.

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The question is more about if Blackson will sign anywhere, and how that will go now that he will be back in a scheme that suits his interests.