Former Chicago Bears WR has shocking 'worst QB' he's played alongside

Former Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall joined 'Hot Ones," and things got SPICY when discussing former QBs.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports / Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In an episode of Hot Ones: Truth or Dab, former Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall and Cam Newton joined Sean Evans to eat some spicy wings and answer spicy questions.

The show was a promotion for the Big Game this upcoming Sunday, so with the two guests being former NFL players, Evans tried getting the guys to talk ball with him. Well, that and eating insanely hot chicken wings.

Former Chicago Bears' WR Brandon Marshall discusses worst QB he ever played with in his career

Sean Evans is one of the best interviewers of his time, as he and his team dive into the backgrounds of guests much more than ordinary interviewers do. Evans doesn't care about the questions that get answered every other interview their guest does.

In this instance, Sean Evans wanted to know who the best and worst QBs Brandon Marshall played with in his entire career. Marshall played 13 seasons for six different teams and 18 different quarterbacks.

The Best: Ryan Fitpatrick (2015-2016 New York Jets)

The Worst: Jay Cutler (2012-2014 Chicago Bears)

There's no hiding the fact that Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler had their differences while teammates on the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler had an "I don't care" aura around him, while Brandon Marshall had the absolute opposite aura around him.

Marshall, from the outside looking in, was someone who cared a lot about everything. Jay, from the outside looking in, didn't seem to care much about anything.

As someone who hasn't said a word to Brandon Marshall or Jay Cutler ever, I could be way off. But, based on this answer and the alleged "beef" between the two, maybe all of the stories were true about the duo.


Brandon Marshall did, however, clear the air on his answer to this question before. In 2015, Brandon Marshall claimed Kyle Orton was the best quarterback he ever played with on social media.

"Wow. I said that? I love you, Kyle, but nah," Marshall said. "I was trying to get the [next] contract."