Former NFL player has hilariously bad take on Chicago Bears drafting Caleb Williams

We can all laugh at RG3's hilarious take.

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The Chicago Bears have arguably created the best landing spot that a rookie quarterback has ever entered the NFL with.

The presumption is that the Bears will be taking Caleb Williams with the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft and the moves the team has done since the end of the season point to general manager Ryan Poles wanting to put Williams in the best position to succeed.

Since the end of the season, the Bears added an offensive coordinator in Shane Waldron who has coached Williams in the past as part of the quarterback collective training program; added two Pro Bowl offensive players in D'Andre Swift and Keenan Allen; and, added depth to the offensive line with the additions of Coleman Shelton and Ryan Bates.

A soft landing spot has been created for Williams as he makes his transition to the NFL, that would be the reason why Robert Griffin III's take on social media is hilariously bad.

Griffin believes that Williams should refuse to play for the Bears given how the team treated Fields. While there is no doubt that the Bears were negligent in how they developed Fields, Griffin's take is tone-deaf--especially at the end, when the former NFL quarterback criticizes the Bears for not acquiring players in a Fields' trade that can help the team win in 2024.

Griffin completely ignores the off-season that the Bears have had in addition to players that are already on the roster in wide receiver D.J. Moore and tight end Cole Kmet. For all the reasons Griffin laid out for why Williams should refuse to play for the Bears, in terms of the quarterback's search for greatness, that is exactly why the USC quarterback is likely looking forward to being the Bears' starting quarterback. There is not a better landing spot in the league where Williams can have success immediately other than the Bears.

Robert Griffin III's take on the Chicago Bears was completely baseless.

In an attempt to double down on his take, Griffin showed just how out-of-town stupid his thoughtless mind exercise was.

Ryan Poles is not on the hot seat. There is only one scenario that exists where Poles is fired next season and that is if Williams proves to be a bust in his first season. Anything other than that, Poles is in a position to be the general manager of the Bears for the next several years.

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