Former NFL scout answers what the Chicago Bears should do at the QB position

The Chicago Bears need to decide what to do at the quarterback position. Will they stick with Justin Fields or trade him away? Will they draft Caleb Williams or one of the other QB prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft? A former scout studied Justin Fields film and has an answer for Ryan Poles.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Daniel Kelly spent four years with the New York Jets as a pro scout. Some might be thinking that a former scout is a former scout for a reason. However, anyone who lands an NFL scouting gig is worthy of properly analyzing film and weighing in on a player. In fact, his very first comment on the top is a perfect representation of what we have seen from Fields in his first three years.

"I am torn on Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who is the equivalent to an NFL scout riding a roller coaster at Six Flags. You are in for a lot of intense highs with the 24-year-old QB and a lot of nerve-wracking lows."

Daniel Kelly, Former NFL Scout

This is exactly what you get from Justin Fields. He makes plays that not many NFL quarterbacks can make, but then he also makes some boneheaded plays too. Kelly poured into Fields' film from the 2023 season (13 games) and saw what he called breathtaking plays and plays that make you ask "What are you thinking?"

The Chicago Bears have seen plenty of negative from Justin Fields

Kelly spoke to the mistakes that Justin Fields made this season. The interceptions, a stat that is slightly inflated due to the two Hail Mary throws in the Cleveland Browns game -- one of which wasn't even caught. Fields still gave the ball away too much as he also lost four fumbles this season. Kelly also spoke to the fact that Fields has only produced four plays of over 40 yards -- something that I was surprised to read. It defintely feels like there were more of them. Not everything was bad though.