Former NFL scout answers what the Chicago Bears should do at the QB position

The Chicago Bears need to decide what to do at the quarterback position. Will they stick with Justin Fields or trade him away? Will they draft Caleb Williams or one of the other QB prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft? A former scout studied Justin Fields film and has an answer for Ryan Poles.

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When going through Fields' game film, Daniel Kelly saw a quarterback who is very slippery in the pocket. Despite his high sack totals, Kelly loves what he sees from Justin Fields once outside the pocket. Some of the plays that work out well are not designed runs, but runs that Fields makes when improvising. This is great, but also at times a product of his own misfortune as he holds onto the ball too long.

Another thing that stands out to Kelly when watching Fields' film is that he sees a quarterback first, not a runner. Fields is constantly looking downfield -- sometimes to his detriment as he doesn't always 'feel' the pressure.

Another area, and I was shocked to read this because it was a downfall of his in 2022, that Justin Fields excels in is the short-to-intermediate passing game. This could also be a product of Luke Getsy constantly calling screens. It is also likely a product of the receivers not consistently getting open outside of DJ Moore and the occassional Cole Kmet. Kelly talks about how Fields actually gets the ball out fast on these plays, something he struggles with on more traditional passing plays.

What should the Chicago Bears do at QB?


Well, if Daniel Kelly was on Ryan Poles' scouting staff, he would recommend that the team continue to build around Justin Fields. He would prefer the team add another offensive lineman and a receiver like Marvin Harrison, Jr. to pair with DJ Moore. What do you think? Is Kelly onto something or off his rocker?