Ranking 5 best free agent centers Chicago Bears must consider

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The Chicago Bears are going to be active in free agency this off-season. They have plenty of cap space, but so many holes that they will be spending across the board. One position they may need to address is center. They tried to get Lucas Patrick to fix that hole last off-season, but that did not work.

Whether the team keeps Patrick or not, they cannot solely rely on him as their starter moving forward. If they are looking to upgrade, who are the best free-agent options?

5. Would Chicago Bears fit Garrett Bradbury in free agency

Ryan Poles like to sign free agents who are coming off of their rookie contracts, which gives them more upside. He also likes to sign players with some pedigree. Garrett Bradbury is a former first round pick who is coming off of his rookie salary deal, so this would be a name that they are looking into.

Bradbury has had a disappointing career, but he is coming off his best season. It does make sense that once the team changed their scheme, anod got some new coaching that Bradburry would flourish. You could also argue that you do not want to bet on a player who had his best work right before the time to get paid.

Still, the Chicago Bears scheme would be more in-line with the skillset of Bradbury than what the Vikings were asking him to do earlier in his career. If there is a fit, it could be here. The Chicago Bears can get him out on the move and take advantage of his athleticsm. When you have a center who can move, a quarterback who can move, and a running back nicknamed juice, you could see big plays.

Still, Bradbury will never be an overpowering center, and there will be questions. At the right price, there is plenty to consider, though.