Ranking 5 best free agent defensive lineman for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, javon Hargrave
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4. Javon Hargrave would instantly fix the Chicago Bears 3T issue

We all know the Chicago Bears have a serious need at the three-technique spot. The question is whether they want to pay Javon Hargrave to be that fix. The Philadelphia Eagles got a steal when they signed Hargave three years ago, and now is ready to dip back in and get paid again.

This is a good spot to be in, and in terms of fit on the field, the Chicago Bears should pay him what he is worth. They have the money, and he has the fit they have been looking for. He is an upfield penatrator who gets after it.

The only downside to Hargrave is that he will be 30 years old this offseason. The Chicago Bears want instant impact, and he gives that, but does he give the same type of impact three or four years down the line when the team expects to have their strongest roster.

On the flip side, they could be paying a younger player who has worse stats, but could breakout like Hargrave did. Should they pay for the past production of Hargrave, or the expected outcome from someone else?

There are good arguments for both sides, and in terms of short term fit, not many players are better than Hargrave this offseason. It will be interesting to see what the Chicago Bears do.