5 free agent edge rushers Chicago Bears should sign before training camp

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Jadeveon Clowney, Chicago Bears
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4. Would the Chicago Bears be a fit for Jadeveon Clowney?

Jadeveon Clowney is coming off of a tenure with the Cleveland Browns where things did not end perfectly between the two sides. Still, if the Chicago Bears are considering Ngauke at this point, they are looking past culture a bit to find the production. The issue with Clowney is that he only had two sacks last year.

His sacks have always come and gone; he had nine the year before. Still, he had three in the two years prior and then nine again in 2018. It comes and goes. Two things may entice the Chicago Bears, though.

First, he is always a good run defender. He gets after it and gets into the backfield with ease. Second, he can be used versatility up and down the line. Clowney does not have the most extraordinary bend, but he is a force downhill. So, twists, stunts, and even lining Clowney up over the center and moving someone like Jforcedustin Jones to the edge are on the table.

The Chicago Bears can win a bidding war, and if they want a one-year rental, they may get more bang for their buck on Clowney than Ngauke. Clowney brings a bit of a higher floor as well.