5 free agent edge rushers Chicago Bears should sign before training camp

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Mario Addison, Chicago Bears
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3. Mario Addison would fit well with the Chicago Bears

A lot of fans will not remember this, but Mario Addison was once a Chicago Bears player back in 2011. He was a UDFA and signed with Chicago as a rookie, although he did not make it through a full season.

Addison went to the Colts, then Washington, and then the Panthers is where he finally caught on. That was in 2012. So, Addison is 35 years old, which explains why he is a free agent.

He also went from seven sacks as a 34-year-old in 2021, to just one sack last season. Still, his pressure rate only dropped from 10.9% to 9.7%. He was not getting home quite as much and was not playing as many stats, but some of it was bad luck.

What makes Addison a fit comes back to the other reality when explaining away his down 2021. He played for the Houston Texans. It speaks to the fact that he took on a lot of attention last year but also that he will sign with any team if it means getting on the field.

Guys like Yannick Ngauke and Jadeveon Clowney will look for the right situation, and guys like Carlos Dunlap and Melvin Ingram are ring-chasing right now. Mario Addison is looking to play. He is another name who could join the rotation, which is what this team needs.