5 free agent edge rushers Chicago Bears should sign before training camp

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Chicago Bears, Carl Nassib
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2. Should the Chicago Bears sign Carl Nassib?

As we noted in the last slide, we could easily write in guys like Melvin Ingram and Carlos Dunlap, but the chances of them joining a team on a rebuilding roster seems low. Even Clowney and Ngauke are lower because while the money could win them over, the Bears' situation also is a question. So, the team should be calling guys like Mario Addison and Carl Nassib.

Nassib is just 31 years old and younger than Mario Addison. However, he has been less productive, and in the last two years, he played just 251 and 250 snaps respectively. On those, he had 14 and 12 pressures.

In the two years prior, he had 630 snaps and 463, and those snaps led to 36 and 31 pressures. So, the question is whether the Chicago Bears can get the Carl Nassib from 2019 and 2020, of if the 2021 and 2022 version is all that he has. If they can get the 2020 version, this is a player who could jump right into the rotation and make an impact. As he stands now, he could make the roster due to the lack of depth. You have to call these names because he has plenty of experience, and there was a production not too long ago.