5 free agent situations on Arizona Cardinals for Chicago Bears to follow

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The Chicago Bears should be beginning to look at other teams rosters to see who has players that may be cut or may enter free agency this offseason. The Arizona Cardinals are a team that is going through some roster changes, and they may have some names available. Who on the Cardinals should the Bears have interest in signing?

5. Should the Chicago Bears sign Marquise Brown in free agency?

Marquise Brown is hitting free agency at the worst time. Brown peaked with 1,008 yards in 2021, but he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals the year after that, and things did not take off. He had 709 yards in 2022, dealing with a few injuries along the way. Then, he posted just 574 yards in a year that featured injuries for himself and fluctuated at quarterback in a big way. 

So, the Cardinals may try to re-sign him, but he may have no interest in returning. This would make him one of the most prized free agents in the NFL. He may get a decent payday on the open market, but the Bears can afford it. More than that, the receiver is by far their biggest need. They are going to be losing Darnell Mooney in free agency, and Brown would be the best replacement for him. If the Bears hired Kliff Kingsbury as their offensive coordinator, it would reunite the two, and Kingsbury was one of the main reasons Brown was in Arizona to begin with. 

He is a perfect fit next to D.J. Moore, and if he hits free agency, the Bears to have serious interest. Will this be the big move the Bears make this offseason?