4 free agent situations on Atlanta Falcons for Chicago Bears to follow

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1. The Chicago Bears could have interest in Matt Hennessy in free agency

Another name to look into is Matt Hennessy. Hennessy is a former third-round pick for the Atlanta Falcons, who will be hitting free agency for the first time. Hennessy did not play in 2023, and in 2022, he played just 157 snaps as a reserve. He played 988 snaps at center in 2021, and he has 1,138 snaps at center overall for his career. 

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He flamed out in Atlanta, but a new scheme could help him as well as a fresh start. Beyond that, it is not like the Bears have a better option currently on the roster. They should sign him cheap and let him compete with a draft pick or another veteran free-agent addition.