3 free agent situations on Cincinnati Bengals for Chicago Bears fans to follow

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1. Would this defensive lineman fit the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears are likely to lose Justin Jones. They will want to replace him, but with Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens expected to play extra snaps next year, they do not need to go crazy finding his replacement. A free agent name to keep an eye on that would fit this role is Josh Tupou. 

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Tupou is a former UDFA in 2017 who has been with the Bengals since then. He has played defensive tackle and has a few snaps at nose tackle as well. That is what would make him a perfect replacement. More than that, other than the Bengals, there will not be a long line of teams bidding for services. Still, he is reliable as depth and will fit into the culture. Tupou knows how to play the run and would be the type of player the Bears need to be looking at when they want to find a Justin Jones upgrade this offseason.