3 Free Agent Situations on Denver Broncos for Chicago Bears to follow

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The Chicago Bears will have eyes on potential free agents and trade candidates across the NFL over the next month or so as they look into fits for their roster moving forward. Who are some players on the Denver Broncos that could end up 

3. Could the Chicago Bears add a wide receiver from the Denver Broncos?

The Chicago Bears are going to need to address wide receiver this offseason. If they do not just look into the draft and free agency, they have to be calling the Denver Broncos about a trade. More than that, they have to be looking to see if the Broncos end up moving on from some of their higher-priced wide receivers. 

Courtland Sutton was not as good this year as Sean Payton, and he carries a $17.3M cap hit. The Broncos can move off of a lot of it, so speculation around him will go into the NFL draft. The Broncos would have to trade Jerry Jeduy to get off of his salary, but the team may want to do that because Juedy is a free agent after this year and does not seem interested in coming back. He would be a nice upgrade from Darnell Mooney.

Tim Patrick missed all of last year with an injury and would save the team over $9M in cap space if they moved on from him. He is likely to be cut, so the Bears could take a flier on the big-bodied wideout, assuming he is available and healthy this offseason. 

There are three names on the Broncos depth chart at wide receiver that are going to have chances to be Chicago Bears next year. Do the Bears take a chance on any of them, and are the Broncos interested in moving on?