3 Free Agent Situations on Denver Broncos for Chicago Bears to follow

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2. The Chicago Bears could improve their offensive line with this Denver Broncos free-agent

One name that will be consistently attached to the Chicago Bears until he re-signs with the Denver Broncos or signs elsewhere will be Lloyd Cushenberry. Cushenberry is right on that edge which may make him one of the top free agents this offseason. 

He is good, but not good enough that the team cannot afford to lose him. Also, the Broncos have had some coaching changes. Still, this is a starter for four seasons with 3,686 snaps at center in his career. Last year was arguably the best of his career. 

With that said, he may have a value in his mind, and he may get that on the open market, while the Broncos may have a different value in their mind. That may cause him to leave this offseason. 

Still, the Broncos do not have a current answer at center, and they are definitely players to bring him back. This will be a player that Bears fans will be monitoring for the next month or so because there may not be a better quick fix available.