3 Free Agent Situations on Denver Broncos for Chicago Bears to follow

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1. Could the Chicago Bears find defensive line help with the Denver Broncos' free agents?

The Chicago Bears are likely to move on from Justin Jones. While they will be looking for Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens to take the step forward and make this less of a loss, the Bears will have to sign someone. The hope would be that this player comes in a bit cheaper and serves as depth, where Jones started the last two years. 

Two names who may get away from the Denver Broncos are Mike Purcell and Jonathan Harris. Harris is a former UDFA in 2019 who started his career in Chicago but ended up in Denver, after a few years as a depth piece, he finally got to play a solid rotational role in 2023. He played 529 of his 890 career snaps last year. He may be looking for more playing time, but could also settle into a solid depth role with Chicago. 

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Mike Purcell may be an even better fit, though. Purcell plays more of a nose tackle role and would be a great depth behind Andrew Billings. It would not cost much and would be a solid name to keep in mind when thinking of replacements for Jones.