3 Free agent situations on the Las Vegas Raiders for the Chicago Bears to follow

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2. Could the Chicago Bears trade for Hunter Renfrow?

Hunter Renfrow will be an interesting name who should be linked to the Chicago Bears this offseason. The slot receiver is not going to be a free agent, but the Raiders could save $8M in cap space by letting him go this offseason. They could trade him and may feel incentivized so that they can get a return of draft compensation as well as cap relief. 

Renfrow was drafted in 2019 and has seen multiple coaches and General Managers come and go. Overall, he started hot but has not done much in the past couple of years. 

Renfrow started his career with 2.09 yards per route run and then had 1.75 and 1.87 in the next two seasons. However, he averaged just 1.13 yards per route run and 0,98 yards per route run in the next two seasons. He had 585 yards in his last two years combined, which would still be worse than the career low of his first three years. 

Renfrow needs a change of scenery, and the Chicago Bears need a wide receiver. A new quarterback could fit with the skill set of Renfrow, and we know the offensive coordinator wants more from the slot this year. Is this a good fit for the Chicago Bears?