3 free agent situations on Los Angeles Chargers for Chicago Bears to follow

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1. Will Alohi Gilman hit free agency for the Chicago Bears to sign?

The Chicago Bears have an interesting decision to make when it comes to Eddie Jackson and his future with the team. He is worthy of starting, but his contract is a bit too inflated to keep at its current state, given his age and injury history. Do the Bears restructure his deal or move on from him this offseason?

If they do move on from Alohi Gillman will be a name to keep an eye on. Gillman is a former sixth-round pick who emerged as a starter in 2022, his third season in the NFL. In 2023, he entered the year as the starter as the free safety next to Derwin James. He had a really good season, which set him up to earn some money.

The Chicago Bears could cut Jackson, sign Gillman, and get younger and cheaper at the position. They also would have a nice match to Jaquan Brisker, who should be in the box as much as Derwin James. 

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This is a move that the Bears should be eyeing, and fans should keep an eye on Jackson and Gillman to see what happens this offseason.