4 Free Agent Situations on Minnesota Vikings for Chicago Bears to follow

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2. Would the Chicago Bears have an interest in Johnny Mundt in free agency?

Johnny Mundt would be an interesting name for the Chicago Bears in free agency. He is not a game-changing signing, but he would fit exactly what they need. Mundt is a blocking-first tight end. He has played 1,045 snaps as a blocker in his career and has run just 386 routes over that same time.

Mundt has been in the NFL since 2017, and his career-high in receiving yards is 172, which did come last year. Still, this should describe what his skill set brings. 

The Chicago Bears need this, though. They are going to be losing Marcedes Lewis in free agency this year. As they currently stand, Cole Kmet is the only tight end who will make the 53-man roster next year. 

They need to sign someone, and a blocking tight end would fit well with Kmet, who is blocking less and catching more passes. This is not a game-changing signing, but the Chicago Bears have to be interested in Johnny Mundt.