3 free agent situations on New England Patriots for Chicago Bears to follow

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2. The Chicago Bears should have eyes on Josh Uche

Josh Uche would be an interesting fit for the Chicago Bears at edge rusher. In 2022, he had an 11.5 sack season, and while he had a good pressure number in 2023, his sacks dropped to three. In the three years outside of 2022, he has just seven sacks. Still, he has 93 pressures over the last two years, and 37 of them came last season. He had production at times, even when it did not show. 

With that in mind, his market value is going to be fascinating. As a situational pass rusher, he would be a lot of fun in the Chicago Bears scheme. The big question with Uche is that he often can play off of the ball or at least rush in a lot of various blitzing looks where the Bears like to rush four primarily. Is this a scheme fit, and what does Uche expect in an open market?

This is a talented rusher at times, so his market has to be watched by Chicago Bears fans.