5 free agent situations on Washington Commanders for Chicago Bears to follow

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1. The Chicago Bears could find a backup quarterback from the Washington Commanders

One name that would be notable as a backup quarterback is Jacoby Brissett. Brissett would likely want to go somewhere that he thinks he can start, but if the Bears drafted a quarterback number one, he might also think this is a chance to get a few games in during the early portion of the season. Brissett also worked with Marcus Brady, who is a candidate for the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator job. It could be a short bridge to let the rookie sit for a little. 

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The question with Brissett will come down to the market around him. If there are jobs open and potentially more money, he will be gone. If the fit makes sense, there is familiarity, and the money is not bad, he would be the best case as a backup quarterback.