3 free agent tight ends Chicago Bears must sign before training camp

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Geoff Swaim, Chicago Bears
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2. Will the Chicago Bears sign Geoff Swaim?

If the Chicago Bears want to sign a blocking tight end, they might as well sign Geoff Swaim. Swaim has spent nine years in the NFL playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans. When you think about it, that means he was the blocking tight end for Ezekiel Elliott and Derrick Henry over most of both careers. He was helping the pave way.

Swaim has 1,999 snaps as a blocker, and he spent 71% of his career snaps blocking. There may not be a better blocking option out there. Of course, he has 752 yards in nine seasons, so teams are not falling all over themselves to sign him.

Still, the Chicago Bears need a third tight end who is blocking first. They are one of the most run-heavy teams in the NFL, and Swaim could see it as a chance to get on the field and extend his career. The fit makes sense, and now the question is whether the sides can get together on the money and get Swaim in before training camp. The odds of him making the roster are high.