3 free agent tight ends Chicago Bears must sign before training camp

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Chicago Bears, Marcedes Lewis

1. The Chicago Bears should sign Marcades Lewis

If we are talking about Maxx Williams because he is familiar with the Chicago Bears tight ends coach, we have to bring up Marcedes Lewis. Lewis is going to be 39-years old and has played 17 NFL seasons. So, it makes sense that he would wait until training camp to sign. And it makes sense that teams will wait until they need a tight end to call.

Still, the Chicago Bears could be the first team to call, and they have easy access. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy comes from the Green Bay Packers, and that means spending a lot of time in the meeting rooms with Marcedes Lewis.

From 2014-17 he was with the Packers, and then he came back from 2019-2021. All of that time he was with Lewis. Even more, than that is assistant tight ends coach Tim Zetts. He was with the Green Bay Packers when Getsy and Lewis were there.

Getsy brought the assistant tight ends coach from Green Bay, so he was familiar with the room as a whole. Lewis may be at the age where he respects Getsy enough and also sees the Chicago Bears as a team on the rise.

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Some players want to sell out for a ring, but Lewis could take a decent salary to stay in the division and take on the role of a mentor. Who knows, maybe a few extra sessions with Zetts could be his entryway into coaching after football if that is what he wants.

The familiarity with the coaching staff crosses over with the need. This could be done shortly.