4 free agents on Baltimore Ravens  for the Chicago Bears to sign this offseason

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3. The Baltimore Ravens could have skill players available in free agency 

The Baltimore Ravens are likely to move on from a couple of notable names at wide receiver in free agency. The first is the lesser of the names but the more likely candidate to sign with the Chicago Bears. Devin Duvernay is an intriguing free-agent option. 

Duvernay has typically been a fourth or fifth wide receiver, but his real value comes in the return game. The Bears had Trent Taylor and Velus Jones, and their roles were almost exclusively return specialists because they did little in terms of receiving production. Duvernay can produce more than both as a pass catcher, and he has the special team's value. 

He was injured last year, which may hurt his market. It does not stop him from being a perfect fit for the Bears, who have to remain interested. 

The other name is Odell Beckham. This should be less likely, but Beckham could be attracted to Caleb Williams, and the Chicago Bears have enough money to make it happen. Still, Beckham was up and down with Lamar Jackson before being a non-factor in the playoffs, so the intrigue around his name is all that he offers.