3 free agents the Chicago Bears should sign in the offseason

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Curtis Samuel
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Curtis Samuel

This one might not inspire as much confidence as the previous two entries, but Samuel is a proven veteran who could step in and be an immediate upgrade over Tyler Scott in the slot. He is a versatile and dependable (he dropped only four of the 66 catchable passes thrown his way this year) weapon who could provide a Deebo Samuel-lite impact to an offense.

The Bears would be wise to take a shotgun approach to improve the receiver room this offseason, as they need to add at least two capable receivers to take some pressure off D.J. Moore and Cole Kmet. Luckily for them, this year's draft features one of the most loaded groups of pass-catchers in recent memory.

The Bears should definitely be looking to add their number-two receiver on the first two days of the draft (unless they shoot for the stars for Tee Higgins or Michael Pittman), but Samuel would be a great third option they could sign for relatively cheap. This year's crop of free agent receivers may not be as flashy as the players in the draft, but they are a talented group in their own right. Samuel could fly well under the radar and get signed for much less than he otherwise should as a result.

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Finally, I couldn't include Samuel in this article without mentioning how close he and Moore were from their days in Carolina (where they played three seasons together). It's safe to say that Moore will be campaigning for the team to sign his former teammate. Considering the Bears' desperate need to add reliable receivers, they just might listen to him.