3 free agents on Green Bay Packers for Chicago Bears to sign this offseason

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As the Chicago Bears get ready for an important offseason, they will have their eyes on all 32 teams to see where they can improve their roster by signing impending free agents. The Green Bay Packers surprised many with another strong season, and now they have some key decisions to make this offseason. Which Packers could make it to free agency?

3. The Chicago Bears could add former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman 

The Green Bay Packers have a tough but also easy decision to make with David Bakhtiari. He has been a staple on their line for years and has been an all-time Packers player. However, he has played 13 games in the past three seasons. With a cap hit of nearly $40M, and a savings of closer to $20M, the Packers will have no choice but to move on. If he wants revenge on his former team and wants to sign in Green Bay cheaply, he could push Braxton Jones. 

Another name to watch is Yosh Nijman. He lost his job backing up Bakhtiari to Rasheed Walker, so he is likely to leave in free agency. While he probably wants a starting job, he may have to settle for competing with Braxton Jones. 

One last name that is worth watching is Jon Runyan Jr. Runyan is the starting right guard in Green Bay, but towards the end of the season, they were platooning him with Sean Rhyan. Rhyan is younger and has more cost-controlled years, so they may move on from Runyan. Is this a better option than Nate Davis, and could they fit both into the salary cap? The Chicago Bears will have some big decisions to make. 

2. Will the Green Bay Packers move on from A.J. Dillon?

The Green Bay Packers will have interesting decisions to make at running back this offseason. While Aaron Jones is getting older, has injury questions, and has a high cap hit, the dead cap hit is about $12M and it is hard to see the Packers thinning that they are so much better off without Jones that they would cut him. 

Still, with that big of a cap hit dedicated to Jones, they are not going to be paying A.J. Dillon anything. Dillon is a free agent after posting 2,428 yards over four years with the Green Packers. 

It will be interesting to see what type of deal Dillon could fetch on the open market. The Chicago Bears could have interest if the price is low enough. They have Khalil Herbert, the big play threat, and Roschon Johnson, the passing game option. They could use more power, especially with D’onta Foreman out of the picture. Still, Foreman was inactive at times, so Dillon would have to be desperate to come into this situation. 

1. The Chicago Bears could add these secondary free agents from the Green Bay Packers

If the Green Bay Packers have one area of their team where they have to make some pretty significant changes, it would be their secondary. They have both of their starting safeties set to be free agents this offseason. 

The two have split roles, and both have been able to play deep and in the box. The Chicago Bears would be looking more for a free safety, and of the two, Savage would be the better fit. Still, neither is the perfect addition, and both would be more of a consolation prize if they cannot find the right fit. 

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Lastly, the Green Bay Packers have a big decision to make on Keisean Nixon. He was up-and-down as a starter in the slot, but he is an All-Pro as a return option, and after Velus Jones has proven to be a bust, the Chicago Bears may be enticed to add a secondary member who could bring this value. It would also take away a key asset from the Green Bay Packers. Will the Bears have an interest in any of these free agents?