4 free agents on Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Chicago Bears to sign this offseason

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As the Chicago Bears approach the offseason, there will be plenty of discussion about which players the team should sign. They will be looking into the free-agent situations of teams across the NFL to see who will become available to sign. One team with some big decisions this offseason is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Which Buccaneers players could intrigue the Bears this offseason?

4. The Chicago Bears will be watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver situation closely 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a huge decision to make with Mike Evans this offseason. It is almost hard to imagine Evans playing with a team other than the Bucs after he spent his entire Hall-of-Fame-caliber career with the team. 

Still, the two sides have not come to an agreement, and it looks like both sides are playing chicken to see who will give in first. If things heat up and Evans walks, the Chicago Bears have to be real contenders. First, if Evans does leave after such an illustrious career, it will be money-related. The Bears have the funds to pry a player away.

The professionalism would be huge for the locker room, but mainly the rookie quarterback, likely Caleb Williams. A combination of Evans and DJ Moore is exactly what a rookie deserves to be thrown into with hopes of success. 

Still, the thought is that these two sides will come together. Another name to watch is Russell Gage. Gage missed all of 2022 with a patellar tendon injury. He is still just 29 years old, but the Bucs could save $11M by letting him go, and that seems like an easy decision. Gage is a slot option who was reliable when healthy. The Bears need wide receiver help, and with Darnell Mooney gone, Gage would be a nice replacement in the slot.