Did 3 these future outcomes change for Chicago Bears at the NFL trade deadline?

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The Chicago Bears made a bold move by trading the Washington Commanders for Montez Sweat. They are sitting at 2-6, so it is not like they are going to compete this year. The move has long-term implications, but the long-term status of so many in the building is supposed to be murky. What is the status of some big names in the future if they are making moves like this?

3. Did the Chicago Bears trading for Montez Sweat show that Ryan Poles job is safe?

The Chicago Bears adding Montez Sweat should tell fans a lot about the status of Ryan Poles moving forward. He still has full control over the roster, and he is still the man in charge of the building. That will be true this year and will remain true next year no matter how things break.

The Chicago Bears would not trade a second-round pick in back-to-back years if they did not believe in Poles and what he is doing. They are trusting him to continue to build the roster, even if this year is not breaking the right way.

There are huge negatives for Poles, like the lack of understanding of positional value, and not adding adequate depth to the offensive line. Still, Poles was dealt a bad hand and his first year was a teardown. Even when the build-up has not gone as planned, he did have huge hits like D.J. Moore, Darnell Wright, and the acquisition of the Carolina Panthers draft pick, which may end up being franchise-altering.

Fans do not trust Poles with that franchise-altering pick, but he did well in the top ten this year, and he is the reason they are in that spot. The owners trust him more than the fans, and the owners let him risk the future once again, proving how much they trust him.