Did 3 these future outcomes change for Chicago Bears at the NFL trade deadline?

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2. Will the Chicago Bears stick with Matt Eberflus after this season?

Ryan Poles is trading future assets that could be used to build out the rest of the roster. He has assurance. Does Matt Eberflus have the same? It feels like he is on more of a trial basis. The Bears adding Montez Sweat gives him one less excuse if he does not turn things around here. It is easy to say that the offensive line has shuffled a lot, and Justin Fields is hurt. Even on the defensive side of the ball, he has lost so many secondary members.

Still, the defensive side is his side, and it needs to be a strength the rest of the way. He wanted DeMarcus Walker because he could move him inside. However, he did not have the edge depth to do this. We better see the best of Walker, or Ebeflus is wasting assets on specific roles. The run defense looks much better, but with Sweat, there should be even more improvement.

Can he get Sweat to have a ripple effect and make the others better? If the defense does not improve, and the Bears keep losing like they did against the Chargers, he is gone. However, Ryan Poles did give Matt Eberflus a lifesaver in trading for Sweat because if the defense does finish strong, it may be harder to move on.