3 game changing situations that cost the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields, Braxton Jones and the defense had key moments that cost the Bears

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Braxton Jones, Chicago Bears
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2. Braxton Jones cost the Chicago Bears week two

Another major issue was Braxton Jones and a two-play sequence by the second-year left tackle. The Chicago Bears started the half down 13-10. Khalil Herbert picked up a first down, and the drive was underway. He got three on the next snap, leading to 2nd and seven. Then, Braxton Jones killed the drive.

Jones was called for a false start, leading to 2nd and 12. It made a pass obvious, and it let Joe Tyron-Shoyinka to turn the corner on Jones and create a sack. Jones was beat clean on this play. It led to 3rd down with 23 yards to go, and Luke Getys called a short pass to Roschon Johnson to protect his quarterback from another sack.

Braxton Jones has had an issue with penalties this season. He probably should have had more competition or a backup plan if he did not take a step this year. Now, the Bears are paying for it. This drive killer out of the half led to the Buccaneers getting the football and potentially putting the nail in the coffin of this game.