3 game changing situations that cost the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields, Braxton Jones and the defense had key moments that cost the Bears

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Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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1. A missed oppurtunity for the Chicago Bears defense

The Bucs got the ball after the sack that Braxton Jones allowed. Baker Mayfield had the Bucs driving, but things almost stalled out at the 21-yard line. Mayfield completed a pass to David Wells, but Jaylon Johnson came swarming to knock the ball out. However, it bounced due to the momentum of Johnson flying in and rolled 11 yards backward.

Of course, it rolled right into the arms of Baker Mayfield. Jaylon Johnson has had issues creating turnovers and had a great chance for one until the lucky bounce gave the Bucs the ball back.

On the next play, the Bucs faced 3rd and 14. If the Bears had any pass rush, it was time. At the 32, they were facing a 49-yard field goal, and a sack could have taken the Bucs out of range. However, Mayfield handled the pressure and threw up a prayer. The prayer was answered by Mike Evans in the end zone. A 32-yard touchdown emerged. First, the Bears had a chance to turn the ball over; then, they could have had a sack to knock them out of range; at the least, they could have held them to a field goal on third and long. Nope, it is an explosive play and a touchdown.

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That is how the half started for the Bucs and the Bears. The Bucs took a 20-10 lead, and it was hard for Chicago to get back in the game until later in the fourth quarter after that sequence.