Game-by-game predictions for 2023 Chicago Bears schedule

Chicago Bears, Jaquan Brisker
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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Chicago Bears Week 4 Prediction

Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos

I think it is safe to say that we should expect a better Russell Wilson this season. Even if Wilson does not return to his top-five form, you have to assume he'd at least come back to the mean. That in itself should help the Denver Broncos be a better team in 2023. Plus, Sean Payton is not Nathaniel Hackett.

With Wilson's improved projected performance and a defense with the potential to finish in the top 10, the Broncos find a way to limit Justin Fields and D.J. Moore. This ends up being one of Fields' worst games of the season and the Chicago Bears are unable to put up enough offense to come away with a victory.

Prediction: Bears Lose

Chicago Bears Week 5 Prediction

Chicago Bears @ Washington Commanders

No matter if it is Sam Howell or Jacoby Brissett under center, this Commanders team is lacking some serious talent. Jake Fromm is not the answer at quarterback either. The Commanders have a few solid receivers on the team and the running back group is solid too, but this team is not talented enough to stop the Chicago Bears 2023 roster. Justin Fields and the Bears' offense shows Washington how that 2022 game should have gone down. Chicago walks away with a double-digit victory this time.

Prediction: Bears Win